Yiotis Karampatakis
I was born in Thessaloniki in 1945
and I am the founder of the Architecture
office kkatoikia.gr
I am a graduate of the Aristotelian School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a scholar with a specialization in Interior Design and Industrial Aesthetics Architecture in the department of professor Dimitris Fatouros, in which I was an assistant for a while.

Since 1962 as a student and later as a graduate I have worked with various architectural offices such as Pavlos Mylonas, Stefanos Hatzopoulos and Giorgos Gotzamanis in various architectural projects, hotels, residential complexes, shops etc. At the same time, I continued my studies in England and France.

In 1972 and until 1988 I became the main shareholder and co-founder of the companies Ergomomiki EPE, New Ergonomiki EPE, HellenicGermiki EPE, Yiotis Karabatakis SA and RIMEXCO (representation company) with whom we manufacture some apartment buildings throughout the Attica basin as well as office buildings, shopping centers and many private projects.

In 1988 I set up my construction and design firm kkatoikia.gr and transferred to own offices with the activity of blocks of flats, residential complexes (maisonettes) in privately owned plots or by the method of consideration in the construction of office buildings, shopping centers, shops, climbing center and a number of private homes, hotels all over Greece and abroad.

Indicatively I mention some parts of Attica such as Ag. Stefanos, Drosia, Ekali, Kastri, Maroussi, Kallithea, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Anavyssos, Koropi, Markopoulo etc.

Our islands in Kea, Mykonos, Kalymnos, Pserimos etc.

Kkatoikia also expanded its operations in Cyprus, Stuttgart, Soudan, Jeda, and Dubai.

Today I deal with the reconstruction of apartments, offices, restorations of old jewelry buildings, food stores in Greece and abroad and in cooperation with other Architectural Offices.


1972 – Ergodomiki EPE

1973 – Ellinogermaniki EPE

1975 – Nea Ergodomiki EPE

1976 – RIMEXCO

1988 – Yiotis Karampatakis ΟΕ

1990 -Yiotis Karampatakis ΑΕ

Partnerships over time

Gioti Karabatakis’ experience has passed to K-Studio’s architectural office, which has collaborated with and collaborates with architects from around the world, such as Will Alsop’s office and others.

Will Alsop
Will Alsop
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